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FSE Project Managers, Inc.

  • Consultation to Determine Scope of Program

  • Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Engineering Studies & Reports

  • Assistance on Site Selection

  • Assistance in making application for permits for financing

  • Engineer's Estimate of Probable Costs

  • Balance Scope to Budget

  • Review Engineering Design and Specifications

  • Estimates of Quantities & Construction Costs

  • Preparation of Contract Documents

  • Interest Qualified Contractors to Bid on the Work

  • Assistance in Evaluating & Awarding Construction Contracts

  • Recommendation for Approval of Prime Contractor and Subcontractors

  • Checking Construction Drawings or Shop and Erection Drawings

  • Consultation and Advice to Client during Construction

  • Project Observation & Recommendation for Approval upon Completion

  • Construction Observation Services

  • Review and Recommend Payments to Contractor

  • Observe initial Operation of Project, Document Performance Tests and Report to Client

  • Final Observation and Report to Client on the Completed Project

  • Environmental Audit Reports, including Soils and Water Test



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